On Life.

"Life is very simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

On Home.

I haven't posted anything in a looong time as I've been back home for Summer and never found the time to come up with anything. Whilst lying here late at night thinking of home I realised there is nothing really... Continue Reading →


On reading.

Now exams are over I'm looking forward to getting back into reading, with my reading list having piled up over the past few months. A teacher once told me "reading is the key to everything", something I adhered to when... Continue Reading →

On why the Wills Memorial Building should keep its name.

It's been a while since I've written on here but I've struggled slightly for inspiration, however a recent student petition to rename the University of Bristol's Wills Memorial Building posed a juicy bone of contention for which to sink my... Continue Reading →

On why we shouldn’t “F**k Trump!”.

"F**k you Donald Trump! F**k you Donald Trump!" Now not for one moment do I support or endorse any of Trump's policies and ideals (if they can be so called) and nor do I seek to belittle the efforts of those... Continue Reading →

On why Nigel Farage shouldn’t be on radio.

  "I must be a cooooomplete fool" Right you are Nigel.  My inspiration for this post comes from an unlikely source, Nigel Farage. A rather unusual subject for my first post but today I endured nearly an hour of his... Continue Reading →

On blogging.

You wouldn't believe the amount of opening lines I've written and deleted in attempting this first post. It's a strange notion to write and not know who you're writing to, I guess this blog is a chance for me to... Continue Reading →

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