On Life.

"Life is very simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

On reading.

Now exams are over I'm looking forward to getting back into reading, with my reading list having piled up over the past few months. A teacher once told me "reading is the key to everything", something I adhered to when... Continue Reading →


On why the Wills Memorial Building should keep its name.

It's been a while since I've written on here but I've struggled slightly for inspiration, however a recent student petition to rename the University of Bristol's Wills Memorial Building posed a juicy bone of contention for which to sink my... Continue Reading →

On why we shouldn’t “F**k Trump!”.

"F**k you Donald Trump! F**k you Donald Trump!" Now not for one moment do I support or endorse any of Trump's policies and ideals (if they can be so called) and nor do I seek to belittle the efforts of those... Continue Reading →

On why Nigel Farage shouldn’t be on radio.

  "I must be a cooooomplete fool" Right you are Nigel.  My inspiration for this post comes from an unlikely source, Nigel Farage. A rather unusual subject for my first post but today I endured nearly an hour of his... Continue Reading →

On blogging.

You wouldn't believe the amount of opening lines I've written and deleted in attempting this first post. It's a strange notion to write and not know who you're writing to, I guess this blog is a chance for me to... Continue Reading →

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